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FanSign.Me - Real Fan Signs. Real People. Real Rewards.

Fan Signs & FSM

FanSign.Me is the first and only place online that rewards users for website activity based on the concept of making fan signs! The reward is FSM$ Points and they can be earned for multiple actions on FSM. New ways to earn points are always being introduced.

If you like taking pictures and trading fan signs with your friends on MySpace, Facebook, or Twitter, then you will love the fan signs on FanSign.Me. Don't be fooled by fan sign imitators. We cannot stress enough that the most creative and quality fan signs made will earn their makers more FSM$ Points as opposed to a tacky fan sign.

Trading fan signs and communicating with other members is a service that is provided to registered members in the Fan Sign Requests Forum! Registration and one fan sign request thread at a time will always be free. So join today and start trading fan signs and earning FSM$ Points!


What We Do

FanSign.Me is a website forum for interested users to post their requests for fan signs and to make fan signs for other users. The difference between FSM and other social networking websites is that site activity is rewarded on FanSign.Me with FSM$ Points. Sometimes just making a particularly awesome fan sign will prompt the moderators to reward you with FSM$ Points. We allow users to redeem these points in our store.


How To Join

If you are logged into Facebook just click the Facebook Sign In button to register for FSM using your Facebook account! You can also sign up the old way and link your FB account in the future or you don't use FB. Once your account is linked you can sign into FSM with one click if you are logged into Facebook.


Where We're Going

We are working, sometimes around the clock, to improve FanSign.Me. We are always looking for new members and your suggestions are always appreciated. FSM$ Points are a great way to help bring in new members, which will get everyone more fan signs, while earning recognition from FanSign.Me and your fellow users.


Featured Reward

Apple iPod Touch 8gb

Apple iPod Touch 8gb

FSM$ Points: 25 000

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